Dynamic Web Primers

Below are some "primers" that cover the most fundamental techniques in dynamic web programming: PHP, SQL, JavaScript, Ajax, Google APIs, CSS, etc.

SQL Basics: An Address Book example
An introduction to using SQL in PHP using an address book example.
SQL Basics II: Address Book and Bookmarks
A continuation of SQL usage in PHP using more functionality.
JavaScript introduction
These example illustrate basic JavaScript syntax, form validation using Ajax, use of event handlers, and a basic use of the Yahoo! YUI library.
Ajax introduction
An introduction to Ajax using a server-side BMI calculator as an example.
Google Maps API and Google News using Ajax
Getting started with the Google Maps API and using Google News as a data provider.
Nifty layouts with CSS
How to use CSS to layout your pages without using tables.
A simple PHP Shopping Cart using sessions
A simple example of creating a shopping cart experience in PHP using sessions.
A fully-fledged shopping cart implemented in PHP using an XML menu backend.